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About Mas Oyama
"I've devoted all my life to Karate-do. Solitary as I might have been, now I see some ten-million young enthusiasts following the path I've been on. One is growing into two, two into three, and three into all."

This is a remark Sosai Mas. Oyama made when he was alive. He sometimes was regarded as heresy in the circle of karate, for he advocated the style of real karate fights that were free of constraints on physical contact between fighters in a match and therefore were banned in those days. He was not discouraged at all by such treatment and firmly believed in karate as the strongest form of martial arts in the world.

Under such a strong belief, he fought with numerous martial arts masters of all genres, beaten raging bulls, cut bottles, and split boulders with knife-hand blows, eventually creating a great sensation in the world with his Kyokushin style. His life represented exactly the progress of Kyokushin on its own. Breathed his last at the age of 70.

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